Soundararajan & Co. (Regd) 

Chartered Accountants

A Legacy of Financial Expertise

Founder and Lead

CA S Srinivasan, FCA, CWM, CFP, CTEP, QPFP

A highly qualified Chartered Accountant (CA) with extensive experience. CA S Srinivasan achieved his CA designation at the remarkable age of 22 and subsequently pursued further certifications in Wealth Management (CWM), Financial Planning (CFP), Trust & Estate Planning (CTEP), and Personal Finance (QPFP). He is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Financial Management (FAAFM).

Experience and Expertise

Building Successful Professionals    CA S Srinivasan has a proven track record of training students who have gone on to excel in CA, CFP, and CPA qualifications.

Investor Education and Advocacy    CA S  Srinivasan actively contributes to investor education by serving as a Resource Person for the Investor Education and Protection Fund (IEPF) program under the ICAI's Committee of Capital Market & Investors Protection.

Promoting Commerce Education    He is also an empaneled Career Counsellor with the ICAI's CCG, promoting commerce education, particularly the CA course, within schools and colleges.

Trusted Advisor    CA S Srinivasan's practical approach and diverse experience make him a sought-after advisor and coach for young professionals and first-generation entrepreneurs.

Distinguished Author   CA S Srinivasan is a distinguished author known for his extensive contributions to the field of personal finance, evidenced by his substantial portfolio of over 100 meticulously crafted blog posts within this domain.

Client Focus

Tailored Solutions    Soundararajan & Co. is committed to fostering long-term client relationships by providing customized solutions that address their specific needs.

Industry Experience    Over the past three decades, the firm has served a wide range of industries and organizations.

Skilled Team    We maintain a capable team equipped with cutting-edge tools and infrastructure to deliver exceptional service for every client engagement.